Some beast broke her back, and in need of aid, she crawled across a field of shattered glass


According to ilovemydogsomuch, Nancy the Doberman was severely mistreated by her attacker before ending up in the trash with a broken back.

The starving canine would ultimately die from her wounds since the creature knew no one would discover her in the abandoned trash.

Though she was fighting for her life. Nancy started to crawl amid the smashed glass and steel pieces spread across the yard after being immobilized from the pounding she received.

She wanted to keep going despite hurting and having tears in her eyes.

Thankfully, someone eventually saw her, brought her to the clinic, and begged for her survival.

In this video, we witness her traumatic hospital stay as she struggles to accept her paralysis.

Her injured spine is repaired by the doctors during a challenging procedure, but her range of motion is still severely restricted.

Her back legs didn’t even move in any way. Her caregivers decide to transfer her to a rehab clinic so she may obtain more care.

After a demanding few months, her front legs gradually began to recover with constant water treatment, massages, and treadmill activity.

Nevertheless, the majority of the back legs remained immobile.

The warmhearted girl was given a wheelchair so that she could play and interact with other shelter dogs since the guardians didn’t want her to struggle too much.

Her physical therapy will go on as planned by the rescuers. Her back legs have already begun to move in a hopeful manner, and she can even go around without a wheelchair!

During her therapy, She has acted as a true warrior. We pray she fully recovers and locates a warm forever home!

To witness her moving story of torture and remarkable healing, click the video link above.


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