Welcome Pooh, the rescue kitten who got his new legs, and nobody and nothing can stop him now


Animals exist to hunt, be attacked, and pass away.

They are able to survive on their own, locate food and place to hide.

Amazingly they are able to adjust to any circumstance or habitat they may encounter.

More so with stray animals. Street pets become resilient from sleeping on the streets and typically live for a very long period.

Nevertheless, wounds brought on by mistreatment or accidents can significantly shorten a stray’s life amid the rough streets of our major cities.

Pooh experienced this after being discovered seriously hurt in the streets of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

Fortunately, Pooh received the attention he need and has a fresh start. Pooh the cat everybody!

Uncertainty surrounded his injury, but the warmhearted woman who discovered him carried him to a hospital to a physician named Vladislav.

Dr. Zlatinov examined him and concluded that he required an amputation.

He could have to be put to sleep because of the difficulties with this surgery.

The doctor had a wonderful idea since he did not want it to occur. He provided a prosthesis for him.

Although that appeared implausible for our activity, Zlatinov replied, “I had a fuzzy impression that this is done occasionally.

But I wished to attempt. Owing to the doctor, he has now adapted nicely to his new limbs.

He is capable of walking, running, and even performing tiny leaps with ease on level ground.

The fact that he doesn’t appear to be in agony is crucial. Many damaged creatures have hope thanks to his tale.

He is currently healing from his wounds in “Let’s Adopt,” a sanctuary in Bulgaria.

He is also waiting for his new family to come and get him.

We’re confident that given his incredible tale, he’ll meet his permanent home very soon.

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