After being saved by Ukrainian soldiers, a deserted Russian military doggie changes sides


Max, a starving beagle deserted by Russian troops, has seized a new way by hunting out landmines and undetonated bombs for Ukrainian warriors.

The war A soldier’s special forces fighting dog has switched sides and is serving Ukrainians.

Max was spotted starving and close to death in a territory where the most ferocious battles took place since The Russian president launched his operation.

He was brought back to life before being surrendered to Ukrainian authorities. He’s learned Ukrainian and now serves as a landmine and charged bombs detector.

“Max will therefore fight on the precise flank, guarding Ukraine and biting Russian bottoms,” Dmitry, a soldier of Ukraine’s National Guard, asserted.

“He has grown pretty beloved with the soldiers,” a coworker observed. “We’re perplexed as to why those fools would throw away such a ravishing soul.”

The doggie was a Moscow warrior who had seized a village in the Mykolaiv region nearby the Black Sea.

When his troops surrended leaving this cutie all on his own, he got through with it by devouring spoiled food.

He was still in a camo leash given to Russian military pups when he was spotted.

“Malinois are the same kind utilized by the SAS and the SBS,” a British peculiar army officer revealed. They are gutsy, brilliant, and athletic beings.

“They are scrupulous, but this cutie is convinced that the Ukrainians are the ones he should obey and believe.”

“I’m astounded that those fools dumped one of these critters since they are such a valuable treasure,” he concluded.

“A dog’s relationship to its owner is also pretty powerful. It would be akin to ditching a family of yours.”

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