After having eye surgery, a blind cocker spaniel sees her family for the first time


Olive, a blind cocker spaniel canine saved by West Coast Cocker Rescue, a Vancouver, British Columbia animal rescue organization, is thrilled as he’ll be able to see his family for the first time after an eye procedure.

She is a cocker spaniel pup that roamed the streets mindlessly, being unable to perceive what was happening around her.

She was sent to a sanctuary in Los Angeles before being transported to Vancouver, where she met her adoptive family.

Holly and Bart decided to adopt a doggie while living in Canada, and when looking for a pup, they stumbled upon the orphaned blind pooch.

Despite her blindness, her parents wanted to give her the best family possible life, so they fostered her and named her Olive.

She couldn’t see because she had serious cataracts in both of her eyes, but it did not deter her from being a joyous, energetic, and loveful canine.

Nevertheless, the owners pondered whether there was anything they could do to cure her eyesight, so they sought the advice of an optometrist.

After examining her, the vet informed them that her eyesight may be recovered via surgery.

So they followed the doctor’s advice and scheduled the surgery, since everyone, particularly Olive’s wonderful family, wished her to be able to see again.

After three years of blindness, Olive was able to walk out of the veterinarian’s office with her sight restored.

When they heard the happy news, they hurried to the vet clinic to visit her and admire her lovely eyes.

The tiny dog was overjoyed and awed as she looked around her and was taken away by what she saw. But it was the sight of her family that caused her to burst out laughing.

As they arrived at the hospital, the nurses let the canine out, and the pair couldn’t stop sobbing when she approached them.

She was thrilled to finally see her family’s smiles, and the homecoming got rather intense for her. She couldn’t stop herself from waving her tail and caressing them as if praising them for everything.

Her parents were amazed to watch her utilize her vision for the first time, and they were pleased by her dog’s reaction.

Holly says in the video: “His eyes are really unique. “They’re gloomy.”

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