Although his body shutting down, a devastated puppy hit in the head chooses to live


“We continue to scream out his name and pray for him around the night. He’s still struggling for his life and could use all the blessings he can receive!”

The unfortunate little puppy was saved after his cruelty was reported. The owner, who was said to adore him, became frustrated and smacked him over the head.

The wounds were serious. The pet’s skull was bloated, and he wasn’t attentive at first. The tiny puppy was quickly checked after arriving at the vet’s office.

His future was uncertain due to his skull trauma. Every hour counts since he is being attentively observed.

If he became more serious, there wouldn’t be anything the doctor could do. But everyone was already obsessed with the little combatant.

His new compassionate pals and champions would make certain that the tiny dog was secure and not in any suffering.

Unexpectedly, notwithstanding the convulsions, the canine began to recover. He was overjoyed to learn about the many people that visited his shelter. He’s wiggling his tail.

It’s astonishing how a doggie may be abused by humans and still welcome them as buddies.

As the pup healed, the vet devised an excellent plan of care that included anti-seizure medicine, a high-protein diet, and plenty of love from all his new buddies!

The dog was still healing when we chatted. Because his fate is unknown, he requires all the blessings he can get.

Could you please send some to his path? Hit play to find the puppy warrior for yourself!

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