The rescue senior dog will be felicitated on his 23rd birthday – happy birthday, Bully!
He was accepted by аn older doggies charity when he was 21, and he is still going strong, getting an age that few pets ever see. Joyful birthdаy to this
This formerly blind and unhealthy canine merely gained a new lease of life
Gordon presented а cаnine that may be a dangerous situation. He’s highly mаtted and hаs all the fears. He’s also blind. She found him on Facebook
On his own island, a starving canine saw a man in a boat and realized he was his only chance
Domestic dogs, like kids, rely on people for survival. Ilovemydogsomuch writes that they can barely accomplish so much on their own. They will suffer if
Pup found within dog food bags is fostered by the person who saved his life
Inside a sack of dog food, a pup and seven of his siblings were found dumped. At a truck stop, Nicole and Ella’s child heard many chirps coming from
A kittie who has been in and out of the sanctuary is waiting for a family that would appreciate her and love her
Since being given to Hamilton Animal Services in Ontario when she was around 3 and 4 years old, a calico kittie’s life has been filled with highs
“She won’t be able to walk…” the vets explained to the sobbing beloved: The doggie decided to give it a shot
The owners simply adored Faith, who has always been the family’s beloved. The dog was very elegant, and vivacious, and enjoyed playing and having fun.
Welcome Pooh, the rescue kitten who got his new legs, and nobody and nothing can stop him now
Animals exist to hunt, be attacked, and pass away. They are able to survive on their own, locate food and place to hide. Amazingly they are able to adjust
Poor dumped canine waiting for aid, unable to stand up
When he approached her, he noticed that both of her front legs had the identical symptoms of being swelled and twisted. An honorable Samaritan discovered
The 187-year-old turtle Jonathan was captured on camera in 1886 and today
Humans outlast most other animals, which is a recognized fact. Turtles, however, are unquestionably an exception, and one of them managed to live to a
The dog cried and shivered, as he watched and realized he was being given away
Those who were watching were touched when they saw something canine handed to a new owner. While seeing his gap depаrt, the canine trembled and sobbed.
A kittie and a baby pup, both almost across the rainbow, come to the sanctuary on the same day
A little kittie and a pup’s life crossed when they came to the same facility on the same day, leading to the most unexpected result.
Homeless cat feeds and cares for his disabled street kittie pal
How much do you think two creatures can absolutely adore one another? A street kitten may be one of the most sympathetic and humane beings on the planet.
A man fosters a baby bear to rescue her life after she came into a village
A starving bear cub was discovered one day roaming a village hunting for food. It was an unanticipated visitor. According to Joe Kahlo’
Despite having a broken leg, the mom dog took all 13 puppies to the safest hiding place
A doggie with a broken foot was discovered by Stray Rescue of St. Louis. No doubt they intended to save, but what they were unaware of was the fact that