Dоg Whо’s Bееn In Shеlter Hеr Whоle Lifе Nееds а Hоme


Sue was taken in by the RSPCA’s Bath Cats & Dogs Home on August 22, 2017, when she was just a little puppy. Everyone assumed it would be a quick process to find a home for the adorable dog, but they were incorrect.

Sue is still looking for her permanent home, despite the fact that it was four years ago.

Sue has spent the most of her life at a shelter since she was rescued as a puppy. She was adopted once in 2018, but had to be returned due to a change in her adoptive family’s circumstances.

She’s such a nice puppy, and no one at the shelter knows why she’s still on the waiting list.

In a news statement, Rachel Jones, the chief executive of Bath Cats and Dogs Home, said, “We’re at a loss as to why poor Sue hasn’t been rehomed.”

“We all adore her and enjoy taking her for long walks and lavishing care on her, but we’re anxious to find her a permanent home.”

Sue has seen 941 other shelter residents get adopted since she first came. Everyone continues hoping that a family will come through the shelter doors and select Sue one of these days, but that hasn’t happened yet.

Sue has a few behavioral difficulties, but she’s been doing really well with her training, and everyone at the shelter is optimistic that she’ll continue to improve wherever she goes.

“Sue is a nice and bright puppy who may become a bit overexcited at times, so owners who can continue her training would be ideal,” Jones added.

“She is very friendly and enjoys curling up on the couch with you as well as playing with her toys!” She enjoys meeting new people, but she would be happier as the only pet in the house, and we believe she would be best suited to an adult-only environment.

She’s a bright puppy who already knows basic instructions like’sit’ and ‘paw,’ but she’d be quick to pick up more.

She is content to entertain herself, but she would like a new owner who would be around for the majority of the time.

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