“She won’t be able to walk…” the vets explained to the sobbing beloved: The doggie decided to give it a shot
The owners simply adored Faith, who has always been the family’s beloved. The dog was very elegant, and vivacious, and enjoyed playing and having fun.
Some beast broke her back, and in need of aid, she crawled across a field of shattered glass
According to ilovemydogsomuch, Nancy the Doberman was severely mistreated by her attacker before ending up in the trash with a broken back.
“Here’s a toy so he won’t miss me,” says a boy who abandons his wounded dog at a shelter so his father can’t injure him
Unfortunately, the universe is not always cheerful and colorful. Often tough and heartache decisions must be taken, even if they crush your soul into hundred pieces.
To rescue his blind owner, a service dog jumps in front of a school bus
The school vehicle driver did not notice Audrey and her service dog, Figo, crossing the road. The doggie spotted the driver and responded by hurling himself
The doggie crawled through the work area and was hoping for a kind soul to save her
A worker spotted a little injured pup, about a couple of months old, who needed emergency help. When the courageous worker came closer, the tiny kid was
Curious goat herd introduces itself to trio of new barn kittens
A herd of goats is melting hearts for a video in which they are seen introducing themselves to a trio of barn kittens. The kittens were brought in to become
Rescued cat can’t stop saying “mama” to woman who saved him
You will come across many people who prefer to keep dogs as pets instead of cats. Brenda was no different. However, she soon changed her mindset towards
Couple is surprised when their foster dog is pregnant with numerous puppies
Jesse and Tara were in for a surprise when they chose to foster a dog named Kaya. They saved Kaya from a shelter when she was about to be put down because
Daughtеr of Uvаlde Teаcher Whо Lоst Hеr Lifе Pоsts Heаrtbreаking Tribute tо Hеr ‘Hеro’ Mоm
The horrific and senseless shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, has forever changed the lives of 21 families. One of those is the family
Woman saves supposedly aggressive Husky an hour before he is put down
King the Husky was about to be put down, and a woman named Megan rushed in to save him. She reached the shelter and rescued him an hour before his euthanization.
12-year-old boy builds a very special wheelchair for tiny two-legged puppy
A tiny adorable puppy, Gracie, was recently dumped at a vet’s office. She was covered in maggots and had hair missing under her eyes, feet, and tail.
Hero Rottweiler Jumps Into The River To Save Little Friend From Floating Boat
The inside of a book cannot be determined by its outer cover. Not just books but animals too. Although the Rottweiler is known as an aggressive dog breed
Rottweiler Carries 30 pounds Dumbell Around in It’s Mouth as a Toy
Dogs are like little babies. Like little ones, dogs love toys. That’s why many dog owners buy toys for their dogs. Because there are so many toys for dogs in pet stores.
Hero Dog Saves Family Baby’s Life When She Stop Breathing Middle of the Night
The dog is a gift from God to man. Because dog is really a blessing to our lives. Dog owners know very well how valuable a dog is. Because a dog is someone